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Dr. J Douglas MacNeil - Team

Dr. MacNeil is pleased to introduce you to his dedicated and experienced dental team! Our entire team strives to provide optimal oral health care with integrity and compassion. 
Office Manager - Rhonda
Office Administration – Kerrin (Principle) and Lauren
Dental Assistants - Haley, Erin and Jasmine
Dental Hygienists - Angela, Sue, and Leslie Ann
At your initial visit, you can expect a comprehensive assessment of your teeth, gums and entire oral cavity. We will advise you of our findings using digital photography and any necessary xrays. A treatment plan will be discussed for any cavities, gum disease therapy, missing teeth and a preventative maintenance.
Your teeth affect your entire health and we often say, “Your mouth is a mirror of your overall health.” We aim to build a trusting relationship so we can assist our patients in obtaining optimal oral health to support their overall health. 
We have some forms to fill out at your initial visit, which helps us to serve you better. We require the following:          
            1. Insurance Information- Group and ID numbers found on your health card provided by your employer/company.
            2. Medical Information- List of medications (prescriptions and over the counter). 

Contact Kerrin today to schedule your first appointment!

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